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Elf Bar 2500 Banana Milk 2%
Elf Bar 2500 Banana Milk 2%

Elf Bar 2500 Banana Milk 2%

Elf Bar 2500 Banana Milk 2% offers the perfect combination of banana and milk, so you can experience a real taste orgy with every sip.

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Ready to use, just unwrap and use! It turns on immediately when inhaled. It is a maintenance-free device, it contains liquid and the battery is charged.

Perfectly flavored original Elf Bar 2500 Order.

Experience when a delicious banana smoothie is paired with an e cigarette.

ELF BAR 2500 is a juicy taste, unique aroma and style

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The Elf Bar 2500 is an excellent e-cig product that provides an enchantingly delicious banana milk experience every day.
This device offers the perfect combination of modern technology and premium quality and provides the opportunity for users who want to enjoy special flavors.
This extremely compact and lightweight device is extremely easy to use.
Its use is amazingly versatile, you can use it at work, in your car, at home. Since there is no burning when using the product, there is no unpleasant smell like traditional cigarettes.
During operation, steam is generated, which you inhale to get a wonderful bath of flavor similar to a banana smoothie.

If you are reading these lines, you most likely want to order an elf bar. If you have already dealt with the device, then there is no need to introduce it to you, as you are aware of the many positive features of the disposable electric cigarette. If you haven't had any luck with it yet, I'll introduce you to it in a few words.


Elf Bar 2500 Banana Milk 2% is a closed system that does not need to be filled or refilled. It can be said that it is a maintenance-free product.
This means that the user does not have to take care of the battery or the separate purchase of liquids. Simple operation, reliability, and cleanliness were the primary considerations in its design.

Contains only premium quality ingredients! It is also environmentally friendly as the device is made of 70% recycled material!
Compared to iQos, our 2500-sluk product Elf Bar is equivalent to about 10 packs, and compared to traditional cigarettes, it is equivalent to 10-12 packs.
The product is much more hygienic and practical than regular cigarettes. 100% disappointment-free device!

Liquid capacity: 8 ml
Size: φ23×108mm
Nicotine content: 2%
Battery: 1400mAh
Maximum sips: 2500

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