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ELF BAR 2500


2500 Elf Bar is the perfect choice for vape lovers of the modern age. A comfortable and easy-to-use device that meets all needs. A light, portable device that you can easily take with you anywhere, so the experience of pleasant and tasty vaping is always available. With its modern, clean design, it offers a simple, comfortable solution for those who like to vape without the unpleasant side effects of traditional cigarettes. Long-lasting enjoyment every day is guaranteed by the ELF BAR 2500 product line!


Among the advantages, perhaps one of the most important is the long battery life. The 1400mAh battery enables longer operating time, so we don't have to worry about the risk of running out.
In addition, the ELF BAR 2500 vape has an 8.0ml capacity tank, which hides premium quality liquid! Its taste is dazzling. BANANA MILK (banana shake) or the popular STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM (salty ice), which reminds us of warm summer days even on our worst days.


Model 2500 is easy to operate as there is no need for settings or complex operation. All we have to do is pull the device to our mouth and enjoy the delicious vapor. This is especially ideal for beginners who have no experience with e-cigarettes.

If you are reading these lines, you are probably thinking about ordering the Elf Bar. In this case, we have good news, you are in a very good place! We are an official ELF BAR ONLINE shop, so you can rest assured that the mano bars you order from us are original products and you can receive them within 24 hours of ordering!



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The ELF BAR 2500 is a device specifically designed for innovative electronic cigarette smoking that has many advantages. Its main advantages are that it is easy to use and durable, making it an ideal choice for both new and experienced vape enthusiasts.
The design of the ELF BAR pods focuses on simplicity and a modern look. The device is elegant and stylish, and its design is ergonomic, which results in a comfortable and easy grip. Thanks to the matte finish, the appearance of the device is not only elegant, but also eye-catching.


Due to the size of the device, it occupies an incredibly small space. Size: 2500 is only 108 mm long and 23 mm in diameter, so it fits easily in your pocket.
It is also light, only 35 g.

Easy to use! ELF BAR 2500 does not require complicated settings or buttons for ease of use. Simply unwrap it from the packaging and you're ready to use. In addition, it cannot be neglected that the device does not require maintenance. Ease of use guaranteed!


Elf Bar market is full of fake, low-quality products, buy only from official distributors! Those who guarantee their products. You can check the origin of the product with a QR code by clicking HERE.

Guaranteed maximum vape experience! The ELF BAR 2500 is equipped with a high-quality battery that ensures long life and excellent performance. The battery capacity is 1400 mAh, so it can be used for a long time without needing to be constantly charged.
The perfect taste experience is thanks to the vertical double coil boiler.
The ELF BAR 2500

In contrast to other manufacturers who use little recycled materials, the multinational company Elf Bar puts a lot of emphasis on protecting the environment! This is why 70% of the devices are made from recycled materials! In this way, if you order an elf bar, you are also doing your bit to protect the environment!

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